The teams collect points according to below mentioned criteria, throughout the CL tournament all the way to and incl. the final.
You can bet over or under any given team, at all stages of the tournament.
You can put a limit on the max points you want to win/loose or you can bet no limit.

Example : You bet over Real Madrid 179 P. They make 210 P. You win 31 times the stake you bet. If 100£ bet you win 3100£
Example : You bet under Anderlecht 27 P. They make 52 P. You loose 25 times the stake you bet.

You can also pool a number of no limit bets but put a max limit on your total win/loss.
Spreads are updated after each round.

Rules and regulations
The second yellow card to a player counts as a yellow card and a red card. I put up 2 clasification for red card which you can see underneath so a red card either counts (-10) or (-7).
Bookings given to coaches, or players not on the field, does NOT count. Red card has to result in 1 player less on the field in order to count. All bookings given after end of play does NOT count.
In case of overtime in the knockoutfase, the result is scored a draw. The actual overtime is still counting in regards to corners, goals, cards and ballpossesion.
If it comes to decition on penaties these won’t count.
Points are scored according to UEFA. This link will lead to those official stats
In case of disputes, doubts or other issues, these will be determind 100% by my judgement, and i will solely decide the outcomes on these matters.



in case of a team withdrawing during the match :

All hcp bets void. unless bet allready concluded e.g team withdraw in 2nd set bets on 1st set stands.

Moneyline all set betting void. bets on match stand if 1st set or more has been played.

Goal scored5
Goal Against-3
Corner for2
Yellow Card-3
Direct Red Card-10
Red card because of 2nd yellow card-7
Ballpossession 51 – 55 %2
Ballpossession 56 – 60 %4
Ballpossession 61 – 65 %6
Ballpossession 66 – opefter10

If Ballpossession is 50% – both teams are scored 0 points